While Indians Are Enjoying Monsoon, Londoners Are Hitting The Streets To Enjoy Summer

The sights and sounds of the streets of London in the summer.

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While monsoon rains lash India, a major part of the Northern Hemisphere is basking in summer sunshine.

One of our fellow reader travelled to London, and captured some lovely pictures of summer on the UK capital's streets -

1. Vinyl records, for the old soul in you.

2. Wonder how it feels to ride a bike on a beautiful day - without worrying about being crushed by a lorry or something.

It has been a while since we saw moms and babies enjoy a bicycle ride together too, tbh.

3. Or a carefree ride in this rickshaw-eque contraption, while the world drowns in work.

4. When was the last time you got to be as headstrong as this teeny bit of sunshine?

5. Hookah in the sunshine was the Indian pastime, before urbanisation struck!

6. So we too, make our peace with little puffs in solitude.

7. When in London, do not DARE leave without some souvenirs.

8. With the street, come the street artists.

We bet your swag cannot match this accordion player's.

9. We Indians still can't believe that people actually pay to get a tan!

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