Eww! London Office Asks Employees To Wrap Poop In Newspaper And Keep It On Desk

When their toilet got clogged, employees were given this disgusting suggestion.

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What was the grossest thing your boss asked you to do? It’s time to feel good for your job.

Recently an out of order loo in an office in London made us feel "yuck!", when the department authorities posted a notice on their office toilet informing employees that their loo was out of work, and urged the employees not to use it. The notice was all fine till then it also featured a suggestion that the employees could use the public toilet at their car parking.

But this is not the thing which blew our mind.

The office authorities suggested that in the case of an emergency, employees should wrap their poop in a newspaper and leave it on their desk.

You read that right. Miserable but true - official authorities literally told one of their employees to clean others' shit!

Source: Twitter

WTF! Seriously!

That’s not all - there were instructions for that too. A woman called Brenda was designated to clean it - “In case of emergencies, please wrap your stools in the newspaper and leave on your desk. Brenda will come round with her trolley and collect them at 5.30pm. Please note that any stools passed out of business hours are your own responsibility and must be disposed of at your own risk.”

Chris Shaw, a Twitter user received this picture from his friend in London and he posted the photo online, which went viral within no time.

Here are some Twitterati who, of course, had their opinions and some are categorically hilarious!




It’s time to say thank God we are not in that company and feel lucky your office authority doesn’t ask you something like that.

In the whole story, Brenda is a legit hero, "We feel pity for you, Brenda!"

Title Image: Twitter 


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