P.V. Sindhu vs Carolina At Rio Olympics 2016: As It Happened

PV Sindhu paved way for herself in the Badminton Finals, ruling the hearts of billions of Indians.

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‘Gold and Silver are just colors, PV Sindhu made 125 crore people happy’ someone tweeted as twitteraties went head over heels with ‘Go For Gold’ moments after PV Sindhu paved way for herself in the Badminton Finals, ruling the hearts of billions of Indians.

Her victory at the Women’s Single’s Semi-Finals not only ignited the heart of every Indian, but also made all of them feel proud.



PV Sindhu's Final match with Carolina Marin has been delayed due to Men's Singles Semi-Finals, expected to start at 7:40 PM.

7:34 PM: Carolina wins the toss.

7:39 PM: Crowd roars for India as Sindhu smashes 2-1

7:40 PM: Carolina leads 4-2

7:42 PM: Carolina leads 7-3

7:44 PM: Carolina's wide outside, still leads 9-6

7:46 PM: 5 point advantage to Carolina, leads 11-6

7:48 PM: Carolina's wide outside again, leading 12-7

7:49 PM: Carolina touches the net, leads 12-8

7:52 PM: Carolina's foul service, leads 14-11

7:54 PM: Sindhu's good judgment, wide outside. Carolina leads 15-13

7:55 PM: Carolina fouls with net and leads by 1 point, 16-15

7:55 PM: Carolina smashes, 17-15

7:58 PM: Longest rally of 49 shots gives a point to Sindhu as Carolina wides it out of the court, still leading 18-16

7:59 PM: Sindhu's wides outside, carolina leads 19-16

8:00 PM: Carolina smashes, 20-16

8:01 PM: Carolina misses her net shot, 19-18

8:02 PM: Carolina's wide outside giving in for a neck to neck 19-19

8:03 PM Carolina misses her net, Sindhu leads 20-19

8:04 PM Sindhu's 5 straight point, wins the first set by 21-15 as the whole nation cheers for her.


8:07 PM: Carolina leads as sindhu fouls, leading 2-0

8:08 PM: Sindhu misses a shot, Carolina leads 4-0

8:09 PM: Carolina's wide outside, leads 4-1

8:10 PM: Carolina fouls the net, leads 5-2

8:11 PM: Carolina leads with a fronthand smash 8-2

8:12 PM: Another forehand smash and Carolina leads with 8 points, 10-2

8:12 PM: Carolina smashes and leads 11-2

8:15 PM Carolina's wide outside, leads 11-4

8:15 PM: Sindhu's fronthand smash, Carolina leads 12-5

8:15 PM: Sindhu's shuttle misses the net, Carolina leads 13-5

8:18 PM: Instant review, Carolina's shuttle OUT! Leads 13-6

8:19 PM: Sindhu takes all the smashes and Carolina misses, Carolina leads 14-7

8:21 PM: Carolina fouls with net, leads 15-8

8:22 PM: Sindhu smashes, Carolina misses and still leads 16-9

8:23 PM: Carolina smashes and Sindhu misses, leads 17-9

8:24 PM: Carolina's two wide outs, leads 18-11

8:26 PM: Carolina misses net, leads 19-12

8:27 PM: Carolina hits back and wins the second set with 21-12



8:30 PM: Sindhu's wide out makes Carolina leads 2-0

8:31 PM: Carolina misses sindhu's smash, leads 2-1

8:33 PM: Sindhu misses Caroline's back wrist shot, Carolina leads 4-1

8:35 PM: Carolina misses Sindhu's fronthand smash, leading 6-2

8:35 PM: Carolina misses Sindhu's Backhand corner, leading 6-3

8:37 PM: Carolina misses Sindhu's smash, leading 7-4

8:39 PM: Carolina's good footwork takes her win 4 points ahead, 9-5

8:40 PM: Carolina misses Sindhu's backhand shot, leads 9-7

8:41 PM: Carlonia's wide outside makes her just one point ahead, 9-8

8:42 PM: Caroline losses Sindhu's front hand body smash, leads 10-9

8:44 PM: Caroline misses after a long ralley making it a neck to neck score of 10-10

8:45 PM: With Sindhu's wide outside, Carolina leads with one point, 11-10

8:48 PM: Sindhu misses Carolina's smash, Carolina leads 12-10

8:49 PM: Instant review of Carolina's shot, IN! Carolina leads 13-10

8:51 PM: Carolina misses Sindhu's front hand, leads 14-11

8:52 PM: Carolina's net fould leads, 15-12

8:53 PM: Carolina misses Sindhu's smash, Instant review, OUT! Leads 16-12

8:54 PM: Carolina's two wide out, leads 16-14

8:56 PM: Sindhu misses Carolina's smash, Carolina leads, 18-14

8:57 PM: Sindhu's wide out, Carolina leads 19-14

8:58 PM: Sindhu misses Carolina's net shot, Carolina leads 20-14

8:58 PM: Carolina's wide out, leads 20-15

8:59 PM: Sindhu misses Carolina's shot and with it, Carolina Marin wins Olympics Women's Singles Final 2016 by 21-15.

PV Sindhu is the first Indian Woman to win Silver Medal at Olympics Women's Singles Finals, making billions of Indians proud.

First is always the first, and even if Carolina won the Gold, Sindhu won billions.
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