Meet 5 Year-Old Lina Medina: The Youngest Girl In The History To Get Pregnant

Lina was born in a village of Peru in year 1933.

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Little did Lina Medina’s parents know what was coming when they took their 5-year-old daughter to a local clinic.

Innocent as their little girl, they thought the huge belly Lina had been growing in her stomach was a large tumor. But much to their horror and shock, the large belly was due to Lina being seven-months, heavily pregnant.

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The doctors, too, were taken aback and conducted several tests to confirm the development. The tests came out pregnancy-positive and weeks later, Lina delivered a healthy baby boy.

Lina, who is 84 years old as of today, is known as the youngest person to give birth and mother a child.

Lina was born in a quaint town of Andes in Peru in the year 1933 to a poor family.

When she was 5, her mother noticed that she was growing an abnormally large belly and having frequent stomach pains.

Weeks after being taken to a doctor and finding out that she was pregnant, Lina gave birth to a baby of 6 good pounds on May 14, 1939. A caesarean delivery was conducted on Lina because her pelvis was too small on bear a natural birth.

She named him Gerardo, namesake to the doctor who delivered him.

The million-dollar question of how could a girl so young get pregnant was answered by the doctors who conducted medical tests on Lina. According to the doctors and sources, Lina was suffering from a condition called ‘precocious puberty’. She is said to have her menstrual period at the age of three and have fully developed breasts at the age of 4, thus, making her capable of bearing a child at a tender age of 5 years.  

The father of the Gerardo is still a mystery. Some believed it was Lina’s father who committed incest. He was eventually arrested for the same but released later on the lack of evidence.

Up till the age of 10, Gerardo believed that Lina was his elder sister. It was at 10 when he was told that she was, in fact, his mother.

Gerardo grew up as a healthy baby. But at the age of 40 in the year 1979, he passed away due to a bone disease.

Lina has never spoken about the pregnancy till date. She got married to her current husband Raul in the 1970s and gave birth to her second son from him.

Many believe this news to be a hoax, but doctors have submitted pictures of Lina when she was pregnant, the relevant X-rays and biopsies to support the miraculous birth.

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