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What does it need to survive happily in life? Nothing! That’s right NOTHING.Observe a row of ants on way to their abode with tiny particles in their mouth.

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What does it need to survive happily in life? Nothing! That’s right NOTHING.

Observe a row of ants on way to their abode with tiny particles in their mouth. They walk in a disciplined row. No hurry to overtake others, no problem in being in a queue. Try to stop them and they will simply change their course and continue. No tempers, no picking up fights in the middle of the road disrupting the rest of the traffic, no verbal or physical abuse and no retaliation. It seems like these highly evolved beings believe that it is not even worth acknowledging such interruptions, they are a part of life. It is just there. Simply move round the obstacle and continue.

If we are more observant we would notice that it is not just the brainy Human species that is surviving this world. Every creature big or small is doing so well for itself. That is simply because every species has been giving the basic survival instincts- manage for food, live in communities, procreate and get out of trouble. And they are using these basic instincts so beautifully that they live a peaceful life in harmony with the nature- sun or rain.

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What do they have to help them live better? Nothing! What do we have to keep messing it all up - EGO.

EGO – the mind that makes us think of us as “I” and makes everything as mine and his/her.

We are much better placed than any in the animal species. We have every way to make our life comfortable and easy. We progress and we make use of the progress made by others. But when it comes to I, Me, Myself – every equation of the world seems to evaporate away.

Being blessed to be a human we have the right to make use of all possible means to make our life better. But we look at only material things to make our life better. Hence our happiness seems to go up and down like a yo-yo with the change of everything material around us.

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We are filled with stuff like- “Why did he do that?” “How can she talk this way?” “How come her stuff is more expensive than mine?” “How dare she not listen to me?” “Why did he insult me” “how can he talk to her when I had told him not to”… we go on and on and on. Result - MISERY with a capital M.

Where are our survival instincts? How come we miss the very point that we are alive for? Why is HAPPINESS not the focus of our every planning and interaction? Apparently every person we meet claims to put every ounce of his/ her energy with the ultimate goal of happiness!!

Focus people!! Get your antennae up! Tune into the basic survival instincts. Change your radar to what really matters. And while you are there take care not to confuse material greed & lust for happiness!

Dr. Sapna Sharma

Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Author & Speaker

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