Life Lessons That Alice In The Wonderland (1951) Teaches You

Let me take you to these impeccable life lessons that Alice In The Wonderland has for you to learn:

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You might wonder that it’s a book for children and an animated movie for kids, but before you run up to a conclusion that it cannot teach us anything or can’t be entertaining enough, let me take you to these impeccable life lessons that it has for you to learn:

1. Nothing is impossible

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The door knob says, ‘nothing is impossible’ and he sure is right when we wander in Alice’s Wonderland. The immense, incredible and lively imagination takes us to so many places we never knew existed. If we can think of it, we sure can achieve it. Just like Lewis Caroll thought of the wonderland and made it into a fable.

2. It’s okay to be upset, but not for too long

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You can cry over petty things and get upset over things that hurt you, there is nothing wrong with that. But, if you are upset for too long, you will realize that it will simply harm you. Just like Alice, who cries a lot when she gets upset and later, when she has to float in the pool of her tears, she regrets.

3. Always think before you speak

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This is the advice that the rabbit gives Alice when she started some trouble with saying things she shouldn’t have said. Impelling behavior or impulsive words can do so much harm to situations than when we think before speaking and acting. Attentive actions and thoughtful words can save circumstances from coming loose in stripe and tatter.

4. Curiosity often leads to trouble

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Just like the oysters, Alice could also have gotten into trouble if she hadn’t kept a check on her curiosity. People can take advantage of your gullible and curious self, like the Cabbages and the King took advantages of the little oysters. It is good to be curious, but only as long as its intensity and integrity stays under control.

5. When the time is not right, listen to yourself

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Just like Alice, you might also know what to do and when to do. But just like Alice, you are unable to listen to yourself too. Listen to yourself, because you won’t ever want anything bad for yourself, would you? You can pry yourself off from most of the troubles by just listening to yourself!

6. Be patient

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Waiting might make you curious, just like Alice, but patience can bear fruits that curiosity can only destroy. Be patient with all your endeavors and you will get rewarding consequences!

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