Life Hacks That will Save You From Annoying Everyday Problems

Life hacks if used correctly are almost like cheat codes for pesky day-to-day problems. We might not be aware of the science and logic behind them

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Life hacks if used correctly are almost like cheat codes for pesky day-to-day problems. We might not be aware of the science and logic behind them but they just work and that is all we care about.


Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Spooning it

Source: Melissasloveoffood

Apparently placing a spoon over a container of boiling water will prevent the liquid from spilling over.

2. Using Springs


The annoying twist and turns that become the cause of the charger cable to bend and curl. It can be avoided just by using a spring.

3.  TV chargers!


You only need a USB port and a power source to charge your device. Most Television sets, nowadays day come with one. You can use them as a charging port.

4. Toilet Paper roll has immense potential!

Source: youtube

Wondering what that phone is doing in there? Well, Toilet paper rolls can do more than just carry paper on them. These can also work as potential speakers for you, just cut and tape them together in that fashion with a slot to hold the phone. Your amplifier is ready!

5. Full or empty?

Source: youtube

How to figure out whether the batteries are full or empty? Simple! Just drop them from a height of about 6 inches, if they bounce once then it's full if it happens to be more than once then you are in need of replacement.

6. Lack of extension

Source: reddit

Problematic extension cords can be made into a knot which will prevent it from snapping out.

7.  Sticky but helpful

Source: huffingtonpost

Attach a velcro strap on the rear end of your Tv’s remote control. It will prevent it from tumbling around and going amiss.

8. Unsubscribe

Source: pandasecurity

Tired of receiving marketing emails? Use the word unsubscribe in the filters to stop receiving them.

9. Baggage problem?

Source: features.faithtap

Travelling alone? Need to ensure the security of your belongings? Just put the handle strap around your legs and then relax, take a nap if you feel like it. You will be alerted if your bag gets pulled out of its place.  

10.  Stacking clothes

Source: reddit

Tired of toppling clothes from your closet or drawer and having to rearrange the entire lot? Here is a hack that can save you from all that trouble. Stack them horizontally, It will not only prevent them from falling off but it will also leave space above them which can be utilized too!

11. Frozen food

Source: lifehack

Getting late for work and all your food is frozen stiff? You can utilize this easy trick to heat it up faster and ready for consumption. Dry the vegetables or curry that you have for some time and then put them into the microwave with a circular space between them instead of a heap. It will not only speed up the heating process and it will also save you some energy.

12. Saving those slippery soap slivers

Source:  Sironasprings.wordpress

No need of trashing the sliver. It can be still be put to use. Just stick it on to the new soap and it will become one with it. Ready to be brought into use again.

13.  Who borrowed what?

Source: brainlesstales

We take pictures on a daily basis of every silly little thing. Why not click a photo of the object or money along with the person at the time of lending. It will help you to keep a tab on things and also will work as a physical evidence.

14. Want someone to hear you out?


Simple words that can help you gauge anyone’s attention. Just begin your sentence with the words “I shouldn't be telling you this”. It will not only attract their attention but it will also make it sound intriguing.

15. Soda can

Source: Outlivetheoutbreak

This soda can tab are present there for a reason. In fact, the second hole on top of it is where a straw goes. You can also turn it into a keychain later!

16.  What to get for your girl?

Source: businessinsider

Hardest task of them all? Deciding upon what gift to buy for her. It is really simple! Just let her know that you have bought something for her and let her keep guessing what it is. Now you have a whole list of things to choose from, which she really wants.

17. Two Bowls

Source: reddit

Stacking two bowls in a microwave is now possible with one simple trick. Just place a cup underneath the second bowl and there you have it. Two bowls fitting right in a microwave.

18. Liar or honest


Two simple hacks to detect a liar:

i) Hand gestures: While telling a true story, people tend to use a lot of hand gestures however, a liar keeps them still and motionless.  

ii) Emotions tend to get better of everyone:  you can use them to catch a lie. Hear the story out and then let them walk, when they feel like they have won, call them back. Now the changed expressions on their face will tell you the real story.

19. Nail that school essay

Source: gradhacker

Finding relevant information now made easy. Instead of using plain old Google, head over to Google Scholar. It will provide you with correct, verified and referenced information within seconds.

20. Sleep deprivation because of thoughts

Source: prevention

Is insomnia bothering you? Train of thoughts not allowing your eyes to remain shut? Just write them all down and see the magic. Sleep will engulf you like fire does to paper!

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