Liar Liar: How To Know When Someone Is Lying To You

People lie almost every day. You may lie or you might be lied to. Facial expressions and bodily movements have lot to recognize liars without any machines!

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People lie almost every day. You may lie or you might be lied to. But how will you ever know? Facial expressions and bodily movements have a lot to do with recognizing liars. It is a part of body language and we’ve this article for you to recognize liars without any machines!

1. The eyes

Eyes speak louder than words. When anyone would lie to you, they would not maintain an eye-contact. They might look away while lying. This is because they aren’t confident enough and they even think you might catch them red-handed. A trial shows that people who lie look towards their right while lying.

2. The hands

The hands might frequently rub the nose or touch/close the mouth. This is because they unconsciously know that they are doing something wrong and hence want to stop themselves from lying. When a person closes his/her mouth, it means they aren’t revealing all their cards. Also, they might never open their palms and their hands would be engaged with something or the other.

3. Their voice

The usual tone in which a person speaks changes when they are making up stories. The pitch of their voice increases and so does loudness. This is because they want you to believe their false stories.

4. The legs


Depending on their usual body movements, they might act differently. They might shuffle their feet. This is because they are nervous and they want to rush out of the situation. Looking at someone’s feet can tell a lot about the authenticity of the information that they are providing.

5. Their body

They might show unusual movements and they might even fidget with little things around them to distract themselves from the situation. Their body would take up less space and they would even try to shield their body parts unconsciously, which will imply that they are trying to defend themselves.

6. They make up stories

They provide a lot of unrequired information and little details. They might as well repeat their own statements. They do this so that with so much of details, you won’t catch their lies.

With these, don’t confuse genuine people as liars. These are generous measures and might not hold true for every person in particular. Like a person may rub his nose due to itching, but it doesn’t mean that he’s lying. Point a finger only when you have enough evidence, while this list would help you with the detection.

All the best!

Title image source: Oulaka

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