8 Lessons I Learned From The Movie “Home”

Adorable story of a lovable misfit alien.

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Boovs, the cowardly race of aliens must save themselves from their intergalactic enemies, and the only escape is capturing other planets! One misfit Boov in particular, named Oh, chooses to explore and understand the complex humans and sets itself on a journey with this girl Gratuity Tucci. What follows next is a funny intergalactic adventure and their journey to find her “mymom”.

Here are the lessons I learned from this movie:

1. When life gives you hard beats, you go get the grooves and the moves.

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2. When you cannot think and control, just let it go!

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3. For they stick with you during bad times and that is what makes them – FRIENDS:

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4. And there are times when you are mad at them:

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5. But you know they have got your back:

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6.But this journey and adventure of life makes sense only when you have your family by your side:

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7. Because difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations:

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8. And in the end…all is well:

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Title image: wikia

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