Move Over Baahubali, This Movie Should Be On The Top Of Your Priority List

The film is touted be world's first innocent love story set in space.

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Once in a blue moon, there comes a film which shatters records and creates such an impact that people remember it for ages. No, we’re not talking about Rajamouli’s Baahubali! Instead, it is Leera-The Soulmate and its superbly cut trailer, that has left us speechless and restless, too!

Touted as Bollywood’s first 99 percent VFX film, Leera-The Soulmate is also world’s first innocent love story in space. Well, what’s that?!

From shiny costumes to badass dialogues to super catchy music, this film has it all! We wonder if the creators took filmmaking lessons from a certain MSG or not!

The talented leading lady and producer Leera Kaljai claims that she auditioned about 9,000 men across India for the role of her hero. And the basic requirement to bag a role in this movie was that you should be able to touch your nose with the tongue. Now, that’s quite something! Argh..Never mind!

The trailer received an overwhelming response on the social media and some even compared it to Star Wars. Now, that’s some comparison!

As of now, Leera-The Soulmate looks like a complete winner. Watch the trailer now and ruin your day!

Can't wait!

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