Take A Look At The Leaked Pictures Of Ryan Gosling From The Biopic Of Neil Armstrong

La la Land director, Damien Chazelle, was also spotted with Gosling on the sets.

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Actor Ryan Gosling was spotted on the sets of his new movie, ’First Man’, a biopic of Neil Armstrong.

The 37-year old actor sported a buzz cut alike the character he is portraying on the silver screen. The scenes were being filmed on the sets erected in Atlanta on Wednesday morning.

Gosling was dressed in a blue bathrobe and pyjama pants, teamed with black leather boots.

Onlookers said the scene was where Gosling’s character was searching through the remains of his house which was burned down. He was seen going through the burnt wooden panels and the collapsed rooftop. The actor’s face was covered in soot and he modeled a devastated look.

La la Land director, Damien Chazelle was spotted with Gosling on the sets. However, none of his co-stars were present that day.

The actor was earlier spotted in a dapper look for another scene of the movie.

Image source: instagram, dailymail

Information source: hindustantimes

Title image source: harpersbazaar

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