Last Song Syndrome: Why Do You Keep Humming That One Song Throughout The Day And How To Make It Stop

You're showering and you're humming a tune and thinking about something completely different. Then you're off to following your daily schedule.

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You're showering and you're humming a tune and thinking about something completely different. Then you're off to following your daily schedule and humming the same snippet of the tune. You're working all day and just when you think you've forgotten the whole song and it'll never bother you again - you start singing it on the way back home. Ever wondered why is the same song stuck on your head like a broken record and you can't get it off?

Psychologists have all the answers for this:

Earworms or Last Song Syndrome
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The tune that is stuck inside your head can be due to several psychological factors like word memory association, emotional instability, stress and fatigue or a wandering mind. With such psychological status of your mind, you tend to remember those exact words of the song you recently heard or an old song that you might have heard and it plays inside your head even though you try your best to pry it off your ears (that's why it's called earworms, perhaps).

Some characters of few tracks also play an important role to this syndrome. Why is that only one tune out of so many that is stuck inside your head?

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Some tracks which have long notes and short intervals are more likely to attack you with this syndrome. While other tracks, which you might completely dislike or which may hold some degree of importance to you; or sometimes those songs which you hear on TV or when someone sings, are also likely to get a hold of your mind for long penetrating hours.

So now did you get that when you hear or watch ‘washing powder nirma, washing powder nirma’ advertisement, it subconsciously gets stuck like a broken record and you keep singing it all day hating yourself for your existence.

Last song syndrome: How to make it stop?

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Unlike the name suggests, this syndrome is not harmful to your mental or physical well being. While it doesn't technically affect you, it sure increases your level of frustration and makes you want to make it stop.

The very simple reason why that part of the song keeps repeating and you can't get it off your head is probably because you didn't care completing it. Try to find the ending tunes and melodies of the song and try to complete it. Completing the song will give you a closure and you might be able to get rid of it.

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Another way could be to distract yourself by solving jigsaw puzzles, sudoku or even anagrams or such games or puzzles for your mental activity to keep you engaged, which will reduce the repeated occurrence of those snippets of that one annoying song.

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