Land Before Time And People In The Sea: Meet The Octopus Hunters Of Zanzibar

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Recently Tommy Trenchard, a BBC journalist and Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville, a freelance communication consultant and who also works for BBC collaborated and brought forth to the world the lives of the octopus hunters from the distant land of Zanzibar.

Located on the watery borders of Tanzania, these remote islands house Swahili people who hunt octopuses and have built an entire livelihood over the same.

These breathtaking pictures have their own story to tell Have a look!

These hunters aka fisherman catch the eight legged sea creatures with bare hands at times and are skilled at it due to training right from childhood.

Mama Juma, in the picture, is a seasoned octopus hunter and usually looks for her preys in and around the Paje Islands.

Here Abdullah Ali, 35, from Dongwe village is about to leave for an expedition on his wooden ferry boat.

Ali makes about £1.90 ($2.30) per kg (2lb 3oz) for his octopuses and says "The octopus has helped me to drive my life forward."

This occupation is female dominated, but now even men are taking it up.

The beaches and waters here are full of corals, seaweeds, sea urchins and well of course, octopuses of many kinds.

Mariam, another hunter from Bwejuu village, dives into the water, ready for her weekend shift.

Mama Juma again, leaving for her day’s work.

A Seaweed farm at Bwejuu.

The article was sourced from BBC.

Zanzibar is also dubbed as Stone Town and the people here grill octopuses to sell in the nightly seafood market.

Octopus hunting and the funds it raises is the whole and soul of the people in these remote islands.

Title image: bbc

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