This Lady Cop Tried To Swallow Bribe Money When She Was Caught!

Half-torn currency notes were recovered from her mouth and kept as evidence.

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Say you are caught reading a forbidden piece of information, what do you do? Hide it or eat it up? If you are in a Bollywood movie, you’ll probably eat it up (for the dramatic effect, you see!). But in real life, a normal sensible person will hide it, right?

Turns out, some normal sensible people too can act funny sometimes, like this female police officer. This lady was allegedly caught accepting a bribe, and guess what, she tried to swallow it!

Yes, she really, like actually did it!

According to an official, when this cop in Kolhapur’s Chandgad police station was caught accepting a Rs 300 bribe, she tried to swallow the money.

"Dipali Khadke, a woman police constable posted at Chandgad police station, was caught accepting a bribe of Rs 300 from a 28-year-old complainant," the official said.

Khadke asked for a bribe from a complainant who had come to request a character certificate for his passport application.

"After the bribe demand, the complainant approached the ACB's Kolhapur unit and lodged a complaint. Accordingly, a trap was laid at the police station's record room yesterday," the official informed.

Khadke has been with the police force for the last five years. When she realised that she could get caught accepting a bribe, she stuffed the currency notes in her mouth and started chewing them. She even tried to swallow the money.

"The ACB sleuths were shocked to see this, but one of the women constables acted swiftly and opened her mouth and recovered the currency notes," he added.

Half-torn currency notes were recovered from her mouth and kept as evidence as further investigations are underway.

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Information source: newindianexpress

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