Lady Finds Her Brother Alive After Completing The Ritual Of Cremation

Rajo is a 27-year-old lady residing in Goluwala city of Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh district.

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Rajo Devi, the sister of the dead man got a shock when she got to know that her brother is fit, fine and very much alive, whom she had assumed to be dead.

The entire scenario was a misconception which got created when Rajo Devi saw a hazy photograph of a dead man published in a local newspaper. She then tried contacting her brother via his phone but it was switched off. Well, these two convinced Rajo Devi that the hazy photograph is of her elder brother Kaluram.

The surprising angle of this incident came to light when a curious family member called Kaluram on his cell phone after getting done with all the cremation procedure. And this time the phone was answered by Kaluram itself which clearly meant that the Rajo cremated someone else’s body.

Mahavir Singh, head constable at Lalgarh police station, said,

The body had been found hanging from a tree in Dalianwali village under Lalgarh police station area on Saturday.

Meanwhile the police officials are waiting for the post-mortem report and are trying to disclose the real identity of the man.

Rajo and her brother Kaluram were not living together and didn’t share a close bond.

The police official said, "Devi also alleged that his brother was going out with a nomad woman and it was possible that she had got him killed."

Convinced that her brother has died and that it was his body, Rajo reached Sri Ganganagar’s Lalgarh police station Monday along with a dozen others and claimed the body.

Rajo took her relatives to Sri Ganganagar’s Lalgarh police station to identify the body and all of them got convinced that the dead man is Kaluram. The body was then handed over to her after the post-mortem. But when Kaluram answered the phone set by a relative, he was asked to come home as soon as possible.

His appearance amazed his family when he walked into the house. He later explained that it was his phone that was dead not him.

Information source: hindustantimes

Image source: zeenews

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