Lacoste Changes Its Trademark Logo; Replaces It With Those Of Endangered Species

Lacoste has collaborated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature for the campaign.

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French clothing brand Lacoste has come up with an innovative PR campaign that brings about awareness towards wildlife conservation. The brand which has an iconic crocodile logo embedded on the chest has given the reptile a ditch. They have replaced the logo with those of the endangered species in order to bring the plight to the limelight.

Lacoste has collaborated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature for the campaign. The designer who is working on this specific range will release a limited edition of polo shirts with the logos of endangered animals. Some of which include the Northern Sportive lemur and the Cao-vit gibbon and the likes of it.

The number of polo shirts that will be manufactured under this line will be exactly equal to the number of animals of that particular specie left in the wild. For example: Since there are only 450 Anegada Ground Iguanas left as of date, only 450 shirts of that logo will be made.

The tenor of the partnership is three years wherein the proceeds of the sale will be donated towards the organization for the conservation of the species. The shirt will cost about £140/ $183.

In all 1,775 polo shirts will be manufactured. Here goes the break down:

I450 Anegada ground iguana, 350 Sumatran tiger, 250 Saola, 231 California condor, 157 Kakapo parrots, 150 Cao Vit gibbon, 67 Javan rhino, 50 Northern Sportive lemur, 40 Burmese Roofed turtle and 30 Vaquita.

The press release which was put on the Save Our Species website read:

"The crocodile. This is how the French tennis champion Rene Lacoste was nicknamed in 1927 for his tenacity on the court. Today, the Lacoste logo still symbolises the will and commitment the brand invests into each action it undertakes.”

"Taking the capsule collection from concept to launch has been achieved in half the time it usually requires for such a project and testifies to the dynamism which businesses like Lacoste can bring to the global extinction threat: a universal challenge which many agree is of utmost urgency to environmental sustainability."

The collection was showcased in the Paris Fashion Week and is now available for purchase. So if the cause has caught your attention and is making you want to do something about it, then visit the stores for a dekko of the gecko!

Information source: ladbible

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