Cheater Kunder? “Kriti” Frame-By-Frame Rip-off Of My Film, Alleges Nepali Filmmaker

Kriti by Shirish Kunder is garnering significant acclaim everywhere. The movie appears to be greatly ‘inspired’ by a Nepali film BOB.This may lead to violation.

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Kriti by Shirish Kunder is garnering significant acclaim everywhere. However the movie appears to be greatly ‘inspired’ by a Nepali film BOB. Everything, right from the dialogue to the sets, have been appropriated from this film. This could lead director Shirish Kunder into a serious case of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

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Aneel Neupane, the Nepali filmmaker of BOB explained this in a Facebook post.  When asked by reporters, Aneel said, “Yes, the plot is same, the characters are basically the same, most frames are copied, dialogues even.”

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Neupane describes how his film was shot on an extremely tight budget and laments that an Indian director did not deem it necessary to accord due credit.  “I’m angry not because Mr. Shirish Kunder practically stole the plot and made it into his film. I’m angry because we didn’t even have lunch money while shooting BOB….My team and I didn’t work our asses off just so some rich dude from India could turn it into this and get away with it.”

He adds, “My film was able to inspire A-Class Bollywood actors and filmmakers. I think that’s a win for Nepal. It’s nice to know that a small time rookie filmmaker from Nepal was able to inspire Big Time director and actors in Bollywood….lot of people told me that they will just get away with it….It would be nice if you guys would help report the video on YouTube.”

You can find Neupane’s film here:


Description: Published on 12 May 2016
A psychiatrist is trying to help a young schizophrenic patient win over his imagination with some rather unconventional methods. 

While this is the link and description for Kriti:


Description: Published on 22 Jun 2016
Sapan has fallen in love... again! And this time, it's a beautiful girl called "Kriti". But is his love real? Probably Dr. Kalpana, a psychiatrist, can help him figure that out. Can she? 

Watch the two films and decide for yourself if such blatant plagiarism should go unnoticed!

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