Kunal Kapoor, Kritika Kamra's Latest Short Film 'White Shirt' Has A New Take on Heartbreak and Moving On

Directed by Sumit Arora, the movie has a very different take on relationships and break up of recent times

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Love is important and so is letting go!

One shouldn't mope around a broken relationship, thriving on the moments of the past, ignoring questions why and how, and knowing when to stop!

Built around this critical plot, White Shirt fares quite well in explaining the complex issue of love, fidelity, trust and break up.

Vani and Avik were once madly in love, but infidelity knocks their door and Avik has to cut a sorry figure. Vani saddened by this loss of faith has nothing but the ghosts of the past to cling on to.

The breach of trust sets them apart but the White Shirt holds a key chord.

The White Shirt is more than a memory, the White Shirt is more than a fragrance of their love but will the White Shirt be reason enough for the disdained couple come together and rethink their future?

The film is directed by Sumit Arora and was broadcasted on YouTube on the channel named Large Short Films. Till now, the video has collected over 3.2 lakh views.

Watch the unexpectable ending here!

Title image: Youtube

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