Know Your Smiles: Find Out Exactly What Is Going On Inside A Person’s Head!

If you wonder what all a simple smile can hold up for you, then we’ll tell you some different types of smiles that we see every day and what it exactly means.

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We all smile when we are happy or even when we are sad. A person who always smiles at you, doesn’t necessarily like you and a person who is always seen smiling isn’t the happiest. A smile is an attire but attire could be used differently. If you wonder what all a simple smile can hold up for you, then we’ll tell you some different types of smiles that we see every day and what it exactly means.

1. Smug Smile

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When a person is showing a careless attitude then this smile is definitely seen. This smile is a mixed expression of many feelings such as self-satisfaction and “I know everything” attitude where the person wants to gain attention and is little bit humor in it.

2. Closed Smile

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When your lips are closed and you smile, it shows the comfort level but hides secrecy also in it. Generally seen in politicians where it shows happiness while also revealing a level of privacy.

3. Sarcastic Smile

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When you meet a person you never wanted to see and you have to smile while greeting him, it is a sarcastic smile. When the corners of lips are stretched more than normal, know that this smile is definitely coming!

4. Fake smile


When a person tells you an unfunny joke and you smile in spite of it, then it’s a fake one. Smiling fake is not a great deal but sometimes people actually sense it, so all we are doing is fooling ourselves.

5. Shy Smile

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Generally seen in women on dates or on people who are extremely shy, this smile makes you look cute. This smile shows innocence and is quite secretive sometimes. It can make you look beautiful and sweet at the same time.

6. Lopsided Smile

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A smile when one side of lip moves upwards and the other moves downwards, shows that the person is full of mixed emotions. When a person is confused and angry or sad, or happy but full of anxiety then this smile is always seen.

7. Genuine Smile

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This smile is named after a neurologist who explained what a genuine smile looks like- Duchenne Smile. When the corners of mouth rise and outer corner of eyes crinkle, it is a real smile. When you really feel happy meeting an old friend or someone who made you feel special, then you can’t help but smile truly. Generally seen in kids this smile wins hearts of many.

So there you go! Understand people around you better with this smile guide!

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