Want To Know If You Are An Introvert Or Extrovert? This Easy Lemon Test Will Give You An Answer

All you need is a cotton bud/cotton swab with a short piece of thread tied right in the middle and concentrated lemon juice.

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Scrolling through the funny memes on introverts and extroverts, do you stop to think as to which category are you a member of? You instantly start to count the number of weekend parties you attended and the number of times you went for a book rather than partying with your people.

Well, this easy, pocket-friendly, close to kitchen LEMON TEST will provide an answer to your much pondered upon question. All you need is a cotton bud/cotton swab with a short piece of thread tied right in the middle and concentrated lemon juice.

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Here is how the test is conducted

Place one end of the cotton bud on your tongue for 20 seconds. Next, put five drops of concentrated lemon juice onto your tongue, swallow, and then put the other end of the cotton bud onto your tongue for 20 seconds. Finally, take the end of the cotton bud out of your mouth and hold the cotton bud dangling by the thread. The idea is to see whether it hangs horizontally, or whether the end that you used after the lemon juice hangs lower because it is heavier.

What is your reaction?

If the cotton bud is horizontal, you are an extrovert and if one of the ends is heavier then you are an introvert.

The logic

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Hans Eysenck, and his wife Sybil Eysenck , the pioneers of personality psychology used this test back in 1960s. In the original experiment, they used sensitive weighing equipment to measure how much saliva was absorbed into a cotton bud before and after people were exposed to the juice

They suggested that introverts have higher baseline cortical arousal, which makes them react more strongly to stimulation; essentially, they feel things more intensely, perhaps causing them to shy away from certain situations. Hence, you salivate more after the lemon test thus making the ends heavier.

Although the results and the accuracy might be questionable, it thus reveals the physical sensitivity of our body and the unique stimulus and reaction method.

Well now we at least have an alternative if life gives us lemons!

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