This Bar In Kerala's Small Town Has Women Serving You Drinks!

It’s the time to move over the taboo and gender stereotyping.

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Unless you’re staying in a metropolitan city, a woman serving you a drink is not a fascinating thing for you. But do you know, there is one hotel situated in a small town of Kerela named Thodupuzha has women serving you alcohol?

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Where we see a lot many talking about breaking “gender stereotyping”; how often do you see this words getting materialized in a real world? Well, one person did!

Jilmon George, the managing director of the hotel clearly seems to be a modernist as in a talk to TOI he told,

Women are working in every sector, and there is no room for taboos.

We all agree on this that, girls and women should not be kept confined to any occupational choice. Gone are the days when only “male” entered into the “male-centric” jobs.

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With a wish to recruit more women, Jilmon stated that the women employees feel empowered and work in a safe environment where they don’t face any harassment from the customers.

Talking about her profession, Raji (the employee) said,

It is a work I do with complete satisfaction. I am happy to work here and have never experienced any difficulty with customers here.

Information source: thebetterindia

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