Kenyan Neurosurgeon Performs Surgery On The Wrong Patient

This incident has triggered protests all over the country as the Kenyatta Hospital is the oldest hospital in the country.

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For patients and their families, doctors are god sent saviours, who are incapable of error. That is how much faith the patients and their families put in the doctor. What would happen to that faith if the doctor performed a wrong procedure on the wrong patient?

Something similar happened in one of Kenya’s top hospitals when a neurosurgeon was suspended for performing brain surgery on the wrong patient.

This scandal at the Kenyatta National Hospital triggered violent outbursts on social media. This shocking incident is not the only scandal that the Kenyan hospital witnessed in the past few weeks, there have been cases of baby thefts and allegations of hospital staff members sexually assaulting patients.

According to reports, the hospital has suspended the doctor, the anaesthetist as well as the nurses who performed the brain surgery on the wrong patient. After the latest scandal, the CEO of the hospital was also fired by the Kenyan Health Minister Sicily Kariuki.

An investigation was carried out by the Daily Nation newspaper, which revealed that both the patients were admitted to the hospital on Sunday. One of them required a surgery to remove a blood clot from the brain. Whereas the other one only required medication for a swollen head.

A few hours into the surgery, the neurosurgeon realised that he was operating on the wrong patient as he could not locate the blood clot.

“The hospital deeply regrets this event and has done all it can to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient in question, in recovery and progressing well,” read the statement the hospital issued.

This incident has triggered protests all over the country as the Kenyatta Hospital is not only the oldest hospital in the country but also because it is a teaching hospital.

Information and cover image sourced from theguardian

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