Kenny Sebastian’s Take On The Art Sf Shaving Is What You Need To Get Through This Monday

Make your day a little more bearable

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Kenny Sebastian’s USP is the simplest of ways in which he touches upon the topics that make up our lives on a daily basis. His new series, Chai Time Comedy continues this with elan!

One of the extremely touchy (duh!) topics is the art of shaving. The bane to generations of mankind, the art of shaving has flummoxed us for centuries. From rubbing faces with a stone to smoothing it all out sophisticated electric razors, we’ve come a long way indeed!

Kenny takes up the mammoth task of shaving while walking us through the paraphernalia needed, ala the different kinds of razors, shaving creams, gels and last but certainly not the least, the dreaded after-shave lotion. Beware of that one. It stings!

The pains it takes us to get through the dire process is captured in all its earnestness shaving off all the bullcrap! (Pun definitely intended)
So, go ahead. Make your Monday morning a little more bearable.

Check out the video here:

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