Kejriwal's Habit Of Putting His Twitter Account Where His Ill-guided Mouth Is His Lands Him In Trouble Again!

Trolled. Again.

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Demonetisation has definitely polarised India's political landscape with opposition frequently calling it a big sham despite a reasonable support from the people. One could accept former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's remarks as well-informed but on the other hand, Delhi CM Kejriwal has been anything but well-informed in his criticism.

After posting a picture of Syrian refugee children as victims of Kanpur train crash, he caught the attention of Twitter bashers once again when he asked BJP MP Mahesh Sharma about his daughter's wedding and how the expences are being paid.

It was soon revealed by Sharma in his response however that its his son's wedding not his daughter's. The leader also said that all the money is being paid via bank transfers. Needless to say, the Twitter forces were onto Kejriwal in a flash and he was soon reminded that putting his twitter handle where his mouth his is not a very good idea.

Here are some of the other responses:

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