WTF News Of The Day: Keep Rs. 100 Note In Your Purse Or Get Slapped By Thieves Like This Guy!

Two contrasting incidents in Noida and Pune

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On Tuesday Night, two bike robbers snatched Rs. 1,500 from a labourer in Greater Noida. Vikas Kumar, the victim, works at a construction site in the same area and was going at around 11 PM to Sector Eicher when the incident happened.

"I was walking from the site towards the bus stand when two bike-borne men rode towards me. They snatched my purse and fled," Kumar told TOI.

His purse contained three notes of Rs. 500. He immediately started calling for help and also thought of going to the police. Just then the the robbers came back, threw the purse on him and slapped him for keeping 500 Rs. notes saying that he should have carried Rs. 100 notes.

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Meanwhile, in another incident, ragpicker claimed that he found 52 notes of Rs. 1000 on the roadside near Law College, Pune. She deposited the money at Prabhat Road Police Station, where the currency was verified. She also stated that an autorickshaw driver tried to snatched some notes, but she did not give up and went straight to the Police Station.

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Information source: timesofindia, indiatoday

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