Kate Upton Falls Off A Rock While Shooting Topless For A Mag!

The model took the embarrassing fall as a joke on herself and laughed it off.

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When you see the new age models walking with the risky props and sometimes even animals, you thank yourself for choosing a desk job. But modeling has now become a high-risk job. Especially when you see the video of bikini model Kate Upton being swept off by a wave while standing topless on a rock for a shoot!

Kate was posing for Sports Illustrated in Aruba a while back. She was seen wearing a skirt with a long train and nothing on the top. She was trying her best balancing while standing on that rock until a wave knocked her off the rock.

Upton was grappling for support while reaching out for the assistance’s hand. Thankfully, she did not land on the rock and feel in the waters. The assistant to landed in the water with her.

Kate laughs off while recalling the incident. She narrated her experience in the video that was released by Sports Illustrated on its Instagram page, saying: "The next coming wave didn't look that large from my point of view but it must have hit the rock just right.

"The skirt with all the tulle, whenever it's wet is very heavy and dragged me down.

"Everybody was very scared."

Well we are hoping she got paid a little compensation for this nasty stint with the waves. Upton lost her balance as she stood because to the skirt which soaked in a lot of water and got heavy. She eventually lost the skirt in the water and was left in her flesh colored panties only, according to the sources.


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Kate suffered 'minor injuries to her feet' but landed on them in no time and was seen laughing it off, as reported by the Mirror. She resumed the shoot after drying herself off.

The pictures made it to final edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition which came out recently. Looks like all is well that ends well!

Kate has been the face of the magazine on various occasions before this. She was crowned Rookie of the Year back in 2011.


Missing my bleach blonde hair ???? @sebastianfaena @musemagazine

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Watch the video here!


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