Kashmir Saffron Day: Know 8 Amazing Benefits Of The King Of Spices!

There are more many more uses apart from beauty

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Saffron is also called “Zafran” or “Kesar” in India. The spice is very beneficial for skin. Including this in your diet can regulate your appetite and is beneficial for pregnant women too. Be it the beauty secrets of queens or the healthy and glowing visages of beautiful women, saffron has been used by almost all of them since thousands of years! So today, on World Saffron day we’ll tell you some wonderful benefits of the King of Spices!

1. Helps In Weight Loss

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Saffron will make you feel full even if you have not eaten anything! This is the reason many weight loss diets includes saffron in them. It is considered as the Number 1 spice to control obesity since it suppresses serotonin, which is responsible for our appetite.

2. Used In Improving Mental Health

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The spice is used as an anti-depressant and stress buster thanks to its therapeutic properties. It can actually enhance one’s mood and brings cheerfulness. It also has carotenoids that reduce stress and is effective in depression

3. Beneficial In Hair Growth

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Saffron is used for addressing patchy baldness and also in the treatment of hair loss. People who have alopecia can rely on this spice to stimulate hair growth. Its paste with milk will not only stop hair fall but also assist hair growth.

4. Essential Supplement During pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very crucial stage for women since child’s health is dependent totally on the care the mother takes.  Saffron controls mood swings and also lowers blood pressure. It also relieves nausea and dizziness and forms new blood cells in the women who are anemic during pregnancy.

5. Getting Fairer Complexion

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Just few strands of this magical spice can make your skin fairer. It can improve your skin color if you use it in your bath for 20-30 minutes. Circulation of saffron on your face and body actually stimulates blood circulation and also tones your skin.

6. Proves Best friend For Your Heart

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It protects the heart regulating and slowing the pulse rate to optimum levels. Since it contains potassium it maintains blood pressure and keeps a person away from cardiac diseases.

7. Used For Sexual Health

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It reduces menstrual cramps and is also known to enhance men’s vitality.

8. A one spice remedy for all skin problems

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Saffron is used in face packs or in the form of oils and paste for numerous skin problems. If it’s removing away the pimples or for dry skin, for healthy luminous complexion or reducing the blemishes and scars, for reducing the acne or getting the radiant skin, saffron is actually the one stop solution for the entire plethora of pesky skin problems!

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