Karnataka State Transport Buses Become Pet Friendly!

Finally, someone understands!

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If you have pets, you know how difficult travelling can be. Especially if you have to take public transport. It is also very cumbersome when you have to travel long distances because that means, you have to keep your furry friends in a cage, and that is really uncomfortable for them.

But, people in Karnataka don’t need to worry about this anymore!

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has made arrangements so that people can travel long distance with their pets in public transport. These changes will be implemented from today across Karnataka.

Pet owners in Karnataka rejoice as they can now take their pets along with you on any KSRTC bus for the cost of an adult passenger’s ticket.

Finally, someone understands!

After KSTRC received complaints from people saying that they weren’t allowed to take their pets along on state transport buses, they released a circular stating that pets are now allowed on all 8000 KSRTC buses across the state.

The fare that one would have to pay for his pets has been updated on the KSRTC website, under the ‘Luggage Rates’ section.

For a full grown dog, passengers are required to pay the amount equivalent to an adult passenger’s ticket.

For relatively smaller pets like cats, puppies, rabbits, caged birds or monkeys, the passengers will have to pay the amount equivalent to a child’s ticket.

However, passengers are not allowed to treat their pets as free allowance, the permissible amount of luggage that passengers are allowed to carry without having to pay extra. This limit for adults is 30 kg and for children is 15 kg.

The KSRTC has also come up with a few rules that the pet owners must follow. The owners need to make sure that their pets are well behaved on the bus, and are not causing any harm to the fellow passengers or the bus crew.

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