Talk About Bad Luck: Karnataka MLA's Son Destroyed Rs 1.65 Crore Luxury Car By Filling Diesel Instead Of Petrol

The car stalled as the staff at the pump accidentally filled the fuel tank with diesel instead of petrol.

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Congress MLA, Mohiuddin Bava made headlines throughout the country when he became the first owner of the new Volvo XC 90 T9 Excellence car released in India last week. However, he had to face trouble with the luxury car within just two days of the purchase.

Bava, who also happens to be the Managing Director of a number of mining companies, had bought the car for Rs 1.65 crore. Bava said that he had purchased the car at the behest of his son. “My son has a craze for cars and on his suggestion, I had gone for this car and he has the best knowledge about it,” Bava said, reports Daijiworld.

However, on March 27th, when his son took the Rs 1.65 Cr car to a fuel pump in Kadri (Mangalore), the car stalled as the staff at the pump accidentally filled the fuel tank with diesel instead of petrol.

MLA Mohiuddin Bava. thumbay

According to reports, the car will now be transported by a truck to Bengaluru to clean up the tank and repair its system.

The staff members have accepted their mistake and apologised for the same. “The staff has accepted the mistake and apologised for the same. The dealers concerned have been informed and it will be rectified,” said Bava.

Source: paultan

Bava kept calm and handled the entire situation in a courteous manner. “As the saying goes 'to err is to human', it is common to make mistakes and we respect humans more than machines,” he added.

Although petrol is cheaper than diesel in Karnataka, in this case, for Mr Bava ‘diesel kaafi mehenga pad gaya.’

Information source: daijiworld

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