Kannada Bigg Boss 4 Winner Pratham Attempts Suicide; Streams It Live On Facebook

All this blame-game and streaming just screams one thing - Publicity Stunt!!

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After a live-streamed video of 24-year-old student Arjun Bhardwaj ending his life by jumping off the 19th floor of a Mumbai hotel went viral, yet another news of attempting suicide live on Facebook has come into light, when Kannada Bigg Boss 4 winner Pratham went live on Facebook, and claimed that it is his last video before taking sleeping pills.

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Pratham swallowed sleeping pills and said he is mentally disturbed and feels humiliated by the comments made by a colleague from the industry on his social media.

According to police, Pratham took only a few pills and he is out of danger now. Police have registered a case under IPC 309 (for attempted suicide) against him.

Before taking sleeping pills he gave a 4-minute speech to his friends about being depressed after an amateur director, Lokesh, allegedly humiliated him on social media.

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Friend-turned-foe Lokesh also filed a police complaint against Pratham of being pushed around and attacked by him.

Pratham on his Facebook Live said he wants to teach a lesson to Lokesh by taking this extreme step, and said, “at least after his death people would think twice before posting derogatory comments about others”.

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However, some of his co-contestants at Bigg Boss think this attempt was a publicity stunt: "Anyone who commits suicide, will not announce it to the whole world".

Well, if it is a publicity stunt then this is the new low in the industry.


Posted by Olle Hudga Pratham on Tuesday, 4 April 2017

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