Kangaroos Are Confusing Volvo's Driverless Technology In Australia

Volvo is trying hard to make its cars safe and avoid fatalities on road.

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Volvo's new self-driving technology has failed to identify the kangaroos on the road. Volvo has been testing its Large Animal Detection system in its 2017 S90 and XC90 models to monitor the road for deer, elk, caribou and even moose which are common sights on the pavement in many rural areas of the world.

However, in Australia, the technology is facing unique issues for self-driving cars, as the kangaroo’s movements confuse it.

Source: abc

In a report published by ABC, Volvo Australia's technical manager David Pickett said, "We've noticed with the kangaroo being in mid-flight when it's in the air, it actually looks like it's further away, then it lands and it looks closer".

However, David also assured that the problem would not delay the rollout of driverless cars in the country.

Source: starweekly

According to a report by Australia's National Roads and Motorists' Association, it is said that 80% of animal collisions in the country involve kangaroos.

In 2015, safety engineers of Volvo have begun filming kangaroos' roadside behavior in a nationally recognized hotspot for collisions.

Source: volvo

Now the data is being used to create a radar and cameras system that can recognise kangaroos and apply the brakes to avoid the crash.

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