Kalki Koechlin Tells Women How To Deal With Cyber Bullying In Her Compelling Short Film NAKED

Kalki Koechlin, Ritabhari Chakraborty In a Conversation About How Social Media Victimizes Women

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Slut Shaming.

Sting Operations.

Sex Tapes and Nude Clips.

Perpetrator: Anonymous

Victim: Women

Since: Always

Difference: Now at least we are talking about it!

We all know what a staunch supporter Kalki Koechlin is when it comes to women, their ideas, their rights and opinions.

This year she took another step of progression in this regard and voiced her angst against misogyny with her strong take on cyber bullying through her short film NAKED.

Directed by Rakesh Kumar, the short film was released on March 8, International Women's Day, with the tagline "We are all naked on the bare stage of social media".

"It deals with issues that are all out there but we prefer not to discuss them," feels Ritabhari Chakraborty who plays an important part in the film too.

Whether you are a celeb or just a commoner imagine waking up to a friend's call saying,

"Tera woh short film... that love-making scene... Babes, it's gone viral."

Kalki who plays the star Sandy is stunned as she wakes up to this bizarre news.  She checks her phone, only to find headlines such as "Sandy's sex video leaked", "Actor Sandy's bold clip released" and "Another bold publicity stunt by Sandy".

On the other hand a journalist who is set to take Sandy's interview is asked to encash on the issue by hurling personal questions at her.

Kalki, playing Sandy to perfection, is seen at a loss for words to explain the clip in her interview.Her entire acting acumen is reflected in the intense moments when she mouths "naked" and proves her finesse as an actor.

These 14 minutes of feminism is must watch for one and all.

Watch NAKED as Kalki unravels her angst with poise.

Title image: tollywood

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