To All Those Losing Faith In SRK After 'JHMS', Coach Kabir Khan Is Here To Save The Day

Coach Khan got us out of the depression we voluntarily put ourselves in while watching JHMS.

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Okay Imtiaz Ali.

You managed to give me a character to justify my “Drama Queen” attitude in debates on maturity.

Source: spotboy

And that it is okay to cry your heart out (in the bathroom) as “pain” gets your inner singer going.

source: dittotv

And that being clueless is just a lemon in life and it can be dealt with.

source: tumblr

But then you gave me this:

source: bollywoodlife

But just when I am sad, Coach Khan comes to my rescue-

source: giphy

Well, for all those sailing in the same boat as me, before you give up today, just try it one last time with these Coach Khan lines:

The day they took inspiration from When Harry Met Sally, SRK , Coach Khan and I got our hopes high and thought that they would make a deadly team.

source: bollywoodlife

When Imtiaz was trying to set the ground rules for the movie, without realizing that he had done it already:

source: bollywoodlife

When Imtiaz could not get something new and Coach Khan had to step in :


And Imtiaz thought that Sejal would take his Hero on a self discovery journey but forgot that so did Taara and so did Geet:

source: scriptors

And when Imtiaz had an argument that Sejal was the actual hero of the movie, and so were Tara and Geet:

source: bollywoodlife

And when the whole world was thinking that SRK is too old to romance Anushka on screen:


And when you managed to survive the movie and walk out of the theatre like this, Coach was PROUD!:

source: reelisticviews


Title image: masala  Indianexpress

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