Justin Bieber Stole The Show But These Comments Will Surely Make Your Day

Justin Bieber's concert at Mumbai was entertaining, but not more than these hilarious comments

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Mumbaikars went gaga last night when the renowned Canadian pop star Justin Bieber landed in Mumbai as part of his Purpose World Tour. While the show received an overwhelming response but there were few people who thought the concert was sheer waste of time and money.
Some outraged in disgust and some came up with hilarious comments on popular social media sites that were more genuine than the lip synched songs! 

1. People who regretted being the part of the concert will never travel by this road!

2.  Blessing in disguise for traffic police!

3. Tell me this a lie!

4. And after reading this, he would say- What do you mean?

5. I guess Baba Sehgal finally got time to tweet over ruining his songs

6. Who knows if they shot an episode of Khana Khazana together?

7. People would've applauded more on Modi's entry!

8. The song got justified in the best possible way!

9. Yes people, New Mumbai exists... Thank you Justin!

10. People who missed the JB concert right now are happiest people on Earth.

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