"No Potholes": Jose Covaco Takes To Streets After RJ Malishka's 'Mumbai' Parody Irks BMC

Jose Covaco proves the efficiency of the BMC in this hard-hitting video.

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How dare we question our authorities for incompetence when children in Somalia continue to go hungry?

How dare we take to social media to expose the (non) workings of civic bodies, and actually make people AWARE?

RJ Malishka learnt this the hard way when her Mumbai-focused parody of 'Sonu' did not sit well with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.


The BMC lashed back on these baseless allegations with a Rs 10,000 fine on RJ Malishka - also charging her with "breeding" dengue-carrying mosquitoes at her Pali Naka apartment.

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Does that...does that mean the corporation will find out that the mosquitoes behind my cupboard have been held captive AGAINST THEIR WILL?

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Meanwhile, comedian Jose Covaco has voiced his opinion about these unfair charges against the BMC. He took to the streets of Bandra, close to where RJ Malishka lives, to prove that there are no potholes in Mumbai, and the streets are as smooth as a baby's butt.



Shame indeed!

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