Japanese Fans Clean Up Stadium Despite Being Teary-Eyed After Heartbreaking Loss

So much was the impact that Chinese fans followed the suit and joined the tribe of good beings.

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In the last-16 match, Japan not only lost the game to Belgium but also every hope of bringing home the cup. The loss was heartbreaking as it came in only in the last minutes of the match.

Until the first 52 minutes, Japan was 2-0. But Belgium caught up with the score and proceeded to win the match by 3-2. Belgium has now secured a place in the quarter-finals of the game against Brazil.

The Japanese fans were gearing up for a win but had to settle for a devastating loss in the finals seconds. However, that did not deter their spirits when it came to cleaning up the mess in the Rostov Arena

Are those manners or what! It is usually seen that after losing a match, the fans take down the stadium out of frustration. But the Japanese fans not only shrugged off the thug notion but also went on to set an example. They even cleaned up the stands after their match against Columbia earlier.

During the 2014 World Cup, the Japan fans stayed back and cleaned up the stadium after their match with the Ivory Coast.

Yesterday’s pitch action was indeed a nail-biting one. Belgium’s 3-2 came as a surprise after they looked almost defeated earlier when the score was 2-0. Goals from Jan Vertonghen, Marouane Fellaini and Nacer Chadli brought Belgium back from the clutches of a loss.

The last time something like this happened was in the year 1970 with Germany facing England in the World Cup knockout round match.

The first half of the match carried out without a single goal. But when Genki Haraguchi scored in the three minutes of the second half, everybody was sure that Japan would give Belgium a run for the money.

The second goal came in from Takashi Inui and gave Japan a lead of 2-0. However, the happy stint for Japan did not last long.

That did not stop their loyalists from cleaning up and tidying the place. The bar has been set and we hope it serves as a guiding light for many nations.

With matches like these and the fans like Japans’, this World Cup sure looks nothing less than exciting!

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