Japan's PM Shinzo Abe To Visit Pearl Harbor With Obama

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe To Visit Pearl Harbor With Obama

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On Monday, Japan announced that their Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Pearl Harbor during his visit to Hawaii to meet US President Barack Obama. It will be an historic visit, as he will be the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit Pearl Harbor after Japanese planes attacked the place 75 years ago which killed more than 2,400 US Armed Forces Personnel and civilians that led US to enter the World War II.

Japanese officials, though, have clarified that the Prime Minister won’t be apologising for the Pearl Harbor attack. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, “the purpose of the upcoming visit is to pay respects for the war dead and not to offer an apology.".

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PM Abe will be visiting Hawaii on 26th and 27th this month and visit the site of Japanese attack. The announcement of his scheduled visit came just 2 days before the 75th anniversary of the attack. PM Abe said, “We must never repeat the tragedy of the war”. He also said “I would like to send this commitment. At the same time, I would like to send a message of reconciliation between Japan and the US".

The Prime Minister's visit comes after the visit of US President Obama to the city of Hiroshima, where the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb during last days of the World War II. The President gave a speech focussing on the sufferings of the Japanese people after the attack of August 6th, 1945 which had resulted into death of about 140,000 people. He, however, did not offer any apologies. His speech was widely praised in Japan.

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