Japan Displays Amazing Workmanship To Repair A Sinkhole In Just Two Days!

Amazing display of craftsmanship and artistry by Japan!

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A huge sinkhole had opened up outside a busy railway station at the center of Japanese city of Fukuoka. To the surprise of many, it was efficiently repaired in just a week’s time and the road was reopened for public use. A sinkhole is usually a cavity in the ground, especially in a limestone formation, caused by water erosion and providing a route for surface water to disappear underground. This sinkhole also caused a threat to topple nearby buildings which would have been a nasty disaster to witness.

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Showcasing brilliant workmanship and organization, Japanese workers worked effectively with great precision for days & nights and successfully managed to repair this huge sinkhole. Workers repaired the sewage pipe and replaced the swallowed traffic lights and utility poles. Due to this incident, there were reports of power cuts, disrupted phone signals, gas and water supplies.Fortunately no injuries or casualties were reported.

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Fukuoka is one of the biggest cities on the southernmost main island of Kyushu. This sinkhole was reported to be around 15 meters deep and was caused by construction work on an extension to an underground line.

The astonishing display of repair work with great speed and accuracy was indeed impressive to watch. In most cities where it takes several months or sometimes even an election to fix incidents like theses, Japan definitely has its organization in proper control, to fix a sinkhole of this magnitude in just a few days.

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Here are some pictures of this horrendous incident and how it was efficiently repaired.

Source: dailymail

Source: dailymail

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