Japan To Deliver ‘Cool Box Service’ To India, Very Soon!

The two PMs also shared the importance of strengthening the cooperation in the fields of agricultural and food related sectors.

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Only when you are away from home you realize the value of food and you can’t deny the fact that you just terribly miss the home made food.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seem to know the value of home made food because in their recent meet both the countries have inked a pact for a “cool box service” which will deliver food from Japan to India.


The agreement was signed by the two countries on Thursday and as per the deal, a postal service will be carried out by India Post and Japan Post that enables Japanese community living in India to order their favorite food items from back home.

Source: insidejapantours

While this service seems to be making a lot of Japanese people happy, PM Modi has also requested Japanese business community to open more restaurants offering cuisine of that country in India.

Information source: hindustantimes

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