30 Days On, Jammu And Kashmir Govt Finally Lifts Social Media Ban

22 social media sites and apps including Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, were banned in an attempt to curb street protests in the Valley.

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A month long ban on social media in Kashmir was lifted Friday evening. According to sources, Principal Secretary, Home Department, R K Goyal, confirmed the revoking of the ban.

Jammu and Kashmir home department on April 26 banned 22 social media sites and applications, including Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, in an attempt to curb the street protests in the Valley.

Source: voanews

The ban was announced following the suspicion that these social networking sites were being "misused by anti-national and anti-social elements to create law and order disturbances" in Kashmir.

The ban had aroused a silent disagreement amongst the people. However, the ban had little meaning as users accessed the banned sites through virtual private networks.

Reportedly, United Nation experts on May 11 urged the Indian government to withdraw the ban on Internet services in Jammu and Kashmir and "reinstate" freedom of expression.

Information source: economictimes

Title image: hindustantimes

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