5 Reasons Why The Music Band JAL Is Life

The Pakistani band recently released their new single, 'Parinda'.

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The idea of falling in love itself gives you goosebumps. Falling in love, I guess, is very easy.

Every moment our mind and heart seeks attention; We are scared of loneliness; social networks have made us "me" crazy.

Our happiness is dependent these days on how many likes we get for a photo we upload, how many comments we get on a status update, how many followers we have on Instagram, how many people know us?

Stalking has become a common phenomenon. We want to know everything about the person we have already fallen in love with. We speculate what he/she must be doing right now. We check their 'Last Seen' on Whatsapp and Facebook. We search for any online activity by them. We care for opinions of people and judge others too. Gosh, in doing all these, we have lost somewhere the art of life and loving someone truly.

So, as I was saying, falling is love is very easy but getting the other person to love you is the challenge. This is where the Pakistani music phenomenon JAL comes into picture. It takes the feeling of falling in love to another level with its songs.  Here are five things which makes JAL  the go-to band.

1. Lyrics of the songs

All the songs have very simple lyrics. They are written in Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi. They are very simple to comprehend and anyone can instantly connect to them.
They transport you to another world. Here are the some of chosen ones.

2. Music

Source: fankaronline

Music is always a mix of Western instruments, electronics, traditional Sufi and importantly, is always soothing to the ears and heart. They have created a distinctive genre of music. You can call their songs and music Westernized ghazals. They have made Urdu cool by adding a rock tadka to it.

3. Cinematography and video making

Source: youtube

All their song videos are well thought out and has that connecting chemistry or a shoot which gives you a feeling as if it is your own story.They raise the bar every time they release a new video. This is a rare quality they possess as compared to most of the bands that come from the sub-continent.

4. Wonder

Source: pakium

So what is the thing that makes them come up with such amazing works of art? Is it their own experiences? Is it the circle of friends they have? Is it the stories they listen to or is it the city Lahore that has that magic quotient? This wonder quotient  makes the wait for a new song always exiciting for the fans.

5. Do you really need one more reason?

The fifth reason is just a cliche. Go ahead and listen to all the songs of JAL. If you ever have fallen in love, you will relive those moments. 

 Keep going JAL...Keep the music going...

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