Jaipur's Gandhi Nagar Station To Be Managed By An All-Women Staff

On an average, the Gandhi Nagar station sees almost 7000 passengers pass everyday.

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In order to promote the idea of women empowerment, the Indian Railways has decided to hand over the working and management of Jaipur’s Gandhi Nagar railway station, to an all-women crew. From today onwards, all the station’s operations will be handled by the 40 member all-women staff.

So, from the station superintendent to the ticket collector, the entire staff will be female.

"The entire activity on the railway station will be managed by women, that includes operations, which basically means operating the panel where you align the tracks according to the route of the trains. Then there are commercial operations like selling of tickets and ticket collection," said Jaipur’s Divisional Railway Manager, Soumya Mathur.

"The third major function is security, so we will have lady constables patrolling the platforms," he added.

In addition to this, the Railway Protection Force has decided to post 11 female police personnel at the police station to support the railway station staff.

After Mumbai’s Matunga station, Gandhi Nagar station is the only railway station in the country to be managed solely by women.

Gandhi Nagar station falls on the main line between Jaipur and Delhi and 50 trains including the high-speed Rajdhani and Shatabdi express pass the station everyday. 25 major trains including the luxury trains Palace On Wheels and the Maharajas' Express stop here daily. On an average, the Gandhi Nagar station sees almost 7000 passengers pass every day.

But the station staff seems to be well prepared for all the challenges they might come across.

"Train movement is my job: which train is to be received on which track. All trains are important to us whether passenger or goods. The safety of so many people depends on us and goods worth crores are transported by train, so our main aim is to facilitate the safe movement of trains," explains Station Master Angel Stella.

When asked if she is worried about the troublemakers on the station, "Doesn't matter, women are not less than anyone," she says confidently.

Information source: timesofindia

Cover image source: ndtv

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