Been Homeless For A Month: Jackie Chan's Estranged Lesbian Daughter

Etta and her girlfriend have slept under bridges for almost a month.

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Jackie Chan might be a legend when it comes to acting, but is proving to be a major fail when it comes to being a parent. The actor’s daughter, Etta Ng, has posted a video online where she and her girlfriend have revealed to be homeless for over a month.

Ng and her girlfriend Andi Autumn went on the say that the situation has arisen because of their homophobic parents. They’re currently living on the streets of Hong Kong and sleeping under bridges.

The two ladies posted a short video on YouTube and said, “We’ve been homeless for a month due to homophobic parents. We pretty much slept under a bridge, and other things. We’ve gone to the police, we’ve gone to the hospitals, the food banks, the LGBTQ community shelters and all of them just don’t give a s***.”

“We don’t know what to do at this point. We just want to let people know what’s going on because at this point it seems ridiculous that no one can help. I don’t understand,” she added.

Etta Ng is the daughter of Chan and his lover Elaine Ng, who was also a former beauty queen. Chan had an extramarital relation with Elaine while being married to wife Joan Lin. Although Chan has never come clean about the affair, the fact is much known and acknowledged.

While speaking to the website Coconut, Etta’s mother Elaine condemned her daughter’s claims and said she needs to land herself a job. “I feel that if they have no money, they should go find work. They shouldn’t film a clip telling others they are broke and who Etta’s father is. People all over the world work hard and don’t rely on someone else’s fame to get money,” she said.

Earlier, Etta said that Jackie “never existed in my life. I will never regard him as a father,” while speaking to the Express.

Here's the video: 

Information source: hindustantimes

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