Tingle Your Taste Buds With Some Jackfruit Wine!

The people who got to be a part of the first tasting said that the wine was a winner, even though it’s a little gooey to drink.

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Thought the famous Konkani jackfruit can only be used in curries, pickles or chips? Maybe it’s time to take the humble jack fruit from our dining tables and turn it into something refined and exquisite.  

Visakhapatnam based Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) is planning to make wine out of this simple fruit.

GCC would be sourcing locally produced jack fruit to prepare wine for the tourists in Araku Valley to savour with their plates of bamboo chicken. The product was tested at GCC’s Tirupathi plant in June this year. If everything goes as planned, Vizag would be known for its jackfruit wine, just like Goa is synonymous with its feni.

Initially, the wine would be exclusively available for the tourists in the Araku valley region and gradually it would be made available in other parts of Andhra Pradesh.

GCC MD, Ravi Prakash told ToI, “A huge amount of jack fruits are left on the trees in the agency and plain areas even after traders meet the local demand and export the required quantity. We got the idea to brew jack fruit wines from a person in Coorg.”

source: vizag360news

The corporation had sent a few officials to Coorg to learn more about the wine making process. The GCC MD added that they would be involving the tribal population of the region in the wine making process and would also share the profits with them.

According to reports, the jackfruit wine contains around 5% alcohol, whereas normal wine contains 12-15% alcohol. Visakha Agency, Rampachodavaram Agency in East Godavari and Seetammapet in Srikakulam district have numerous jack fruit trees. Many fruits are left on the trees even after consumption.

The process of making jack fruit wine is simple, says J. Yustus, Deputy General Manager of GCC, who is overseeing the wine project. “It is a simple, linear process. Just that the measurements should be perfect. For making the wine, the bulbs are cut into small pieces, boiled and then ground. Sugar syrup is made separately and set aside. “For every 2 kg of bulb, we use 500 gms of sugar,” he explains. Once 3 liters of water is added to the ground bulbs, sugar syrup and yeast is added for fermentation. This concoction is then kept in a mud pot at a dark place for 18 days. Finally, the top part of the liquid is filtered out for the wine.

source: timesofindia

Yustus said that the corporation also plans to make a non-alcoholic version of this wine.

The people who got to be a part of the first tasting said that the wine was a winner, even though it’s a little gooey to drink. The toasty and fruity aroma, just adds to its beauty.

Are you planning your next vacation to Araku valley then?

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