It’s World Maths Day...And Here Are 10 Kids Who Took The Ultimate Revenge For It!

Every difficult math question has an equal and opposite answer.

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If you, like me, had Maths at the top of your list of phobias, Pythagoras was a greater monster than Count Dracula, and could not for the life in you figure out the purpose of quadratic equations, these kids are your superheroes. Because they took Maths and turned it on its head.

Oh! Sweet, sweet vengeance!

1. Because who cares about ugly cones right?

Source: pint

2. Haven’t we ALL wanted to say this to our teacher?

Source: reddit

3. Of course. Why complicate things, right?

Source: distractify

4. Donald Trump, is this you?

Source: dailymail

5. But does Maths care? No, Maths only cares about itself.

Source: kokofeed

6. You asked the kid for compliments, after all!

Source: ivman

7. You have to give this to him for the whale!

Source: funnyexam

8. Well done Peter, well done!

Source: magicmath

9. This gaming wizard.

Source: mathfail

10. And this real Wizard.

Source: tumblr

Stay strong kids, the blessed Tom Hardy is on our side!

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