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Most people who take a regular accepted direction to education and employment and family settlement reach up to the third step in a normal course of life.

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People are very interesting in the sense that they are each very unique and have a strong individuality in their personality. However, they gather under an umbrella of an organization that caters to some of their needs. Initially the focus is on the fulfillment of those outer worldly needs. In time those aims of joining the organization or cause come to be a routine and that is when the unrest peeks up its head.

I support my statement with this representation from one of the greatest psychologist of his time… Abraham Maslow.

Maslow stated that “Every person has a strong desire to realize his or her full potential, to ultimately reach a level of “self-actualization”. However, he climbs up to the next steps of needs when his first step has been fulfilled.

An important corollary states that: When one step on the needs and desires hierarchy has been fulfilled the person lives in restlessness till he can climb on to the next step.

Most people who take a regular accepted direction to education and employment and family settlement reach up to the third step in a normal course of life.

In our materialistic world the focus is on material growth. That is the reason that once the stage three is reached the race is only for more money, more possession, more power and yet the motivation, drive and satisfaction does not come out of it leading to frustration, wavering focus, looking for something new and lucrative.

Organizations suffer from mid life job changers or loyalty changers most. Their focus is on bettering the material perks and yet the response is rarely positive.

This is when the decision makers need to realize that everything in about an “INDIVIDUAL”. And it is different for each one of us. This is the time when the individual in them has to be addressed. This is when they have to be shown what exists beyond where they stand — namely the step four and step five. That is the way the best people we have, need to be made aware of WHO THEY ARE and they have to be helped to explore this question every once in a while.

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A self aware person is more focused on tasks and goals as their self- awareness extends to about everything around them. Their efforts to what they do are enhanced because they have a personal reason for their performance rather than just the goal of the organization. They have to be encouraged and guided to explore their route to the next steps. Self realization and self actualization comes from different path to each person. These people have to be motivated to explore their INDIVIDUALITY, exposed to motivation and supported in their path.

Allotting Mentors and Coaches to mid level and senior staff is a definite step towards ensuring motivated, happy staff all the way.

A person on a path of personal growth is the best asset to any organization. Loyalties would be always with them who encourage them on this path.

Dr.Sapna Sharma is a renowned Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach from Nagpur. Visit her website here

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