Is It A Boy Or A Girl? Egyptians Used A Special Pregnancy Kit To Know This, For Over 200 Years!

The Egyptian history still holds quite a few surprises!

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While pregnancy kits which confirm whether a woman is expecting or not are relatively modern, Egyptians have had them for over 200 years! Imagine a pregnancy kit in the early 17th century!

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The first ever record of pregnancy test used actually comes from the ancient Egypt.
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The astonishing part is the accuracy of the test which is very surprising!

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Egyptians used the test that required a woman to pee on barley and wheat seeds together and wait for few days.

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Now, if the seeds sprouted, the woman was pregnant!

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The Egyptians even determined the unborn foetus’ gender which depended on the sprouting of seeds. If the barley seeds were sprouted, they believed it was a girl. If wheat seeds sprouted, then male child was going to arrive.

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When tested, the Egyptian theory, was proved to be correct in 70% of all cases. When a laboratory test was conducted, researchers came to know that the urine of pregnant women causes the seeds to sprout since it has elevated levels of estrogen which stimulates the growth of the seeds.

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However till now the principle behind gender determination is not confirmed and the hypothesis of gender is still unclear.

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