Newly Launched iPhones May Or May Not Be Revolutionary, But These Funny Tweets Certainly Are!

From prices and features to the new design and facial recognition system, there was so much to comment on.

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After a year of anticipation and speculations, Apple finally revealed the series of products - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X - at the tech giant’s 2017 keynote address on Tuesday in Cupertino, California. And just like every year, our folks on Twitter were hooked to their screens and keypads to tweet out the very first thoughts they had about the newly launched Apple gadgets. 

Besides the evergreen ‘sell a kidney to afford an iPhone’ joke, there is more to iPhone jokes this year. From prices and features to the new design and facial recognition system, there was much to comment on. Here are some of the funniest tweets on the new iPhones:

Twitter users found that facial recognition could be a problem.



A lot of people thought about the only person excited about the facial ID - none other than Arya Stark.


There was a live demo fail. During the onstage presentation, senior vice president Craig Federighi, while demonstrating the face ID, wasn’t able to unlock the device on his first attempt.


The jokes went on to a whole new level after Federighi struggled to unlock it.


As expected, there were a lot of jokes about the hefty price tags.


There were some random jokes:


They also compared iPhone 7 with iPhone 8 and the differences were barely visible.


And about iPhone X overshadowing iPhone8


However, we all can at least say that iPhone 8 fared better than iPhone9.

Title image: businessinsider

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