Introverts Explained: Life Of An Introvert Illustrated In 16 Awkward Comics!

Introverts are known to be very people-shy, they love to do things without announcing it to the world.

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Introverts are known to be very people-shy, they love to do things without announcing it to the world. Introverts are known to attend to their feelings and thoughts and are easily overstimulated. These people are extremely creative and busy in their own pool of ideas and are deep thinkers. They are selectively social, and tend to enjoy their own company. If you wonder where is the fun in such a life, then we bring you 11 funny and awkward comics by illustrator Maureen “Marzi” Wilson. Maureen is responsible for the comic series Introvert Doodles.

When asked in an interview about the doodles she told, “I’ve been in all these situations.  Occasionally on the prowl and sometimes in a relationship, often happy about being single, the woman tells us a true introvert reflection." While the character “Marzi” in her doodles is always alone it captures the peculiarities of dating of an introvert and what is truly happening in their minds!

1. When Marzi tries speed dating 

                                                                                        Source: huff


2. Place we can read

IMG_1284Source: introvertdoodles


3. When asked her about the soulmate,

                                                                                        Source: huff


4. Seem Confused?

IMG_2264Source: introvertdoodles


5. When she defines “Magical”, huff


6. Sleepy Marzi??

image1Source: introvertdoodles


7. When you go on date with yourself,

IMG_5671Source: introvertdoodles


8. Because introverts are people too,

7 Common groundSource: introvertdoodles


9. Flirting?

IMG_5744Source: introvertdoodles


10. Want these stickers??

FullSizeRenderSource: introvertdoodles


11. Sarcasm of a level

IMG_5870Source: introvertdoodles


12. Holidays be like

IMG_5631Source: introvertdoodles


13. Saving them for emergency situations,

IMG_1282Source: introvertdoodles


14. Best feelings of Life

IMG_7534Source: introvertdoodles


15. Happy plus Anxious is...

IMG_4226Source: introvertdoodles


16. Marzi says that,

IMG_0701Source: introvertdoodles

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