An Interview With Sarang Sathaye: TVF Tripling’s Polo Marco Wished He Was Bhikhu Mhatre

One of the most talented Marathi artist opens up about his journey and ambitions

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Remember this cute-looking rascal from TVF Tripling? Polo Marco aka Makarand Pol, is definitely one of the most loved dons of recent times. However, Polo Marco aka Makarand Pol aka Sarang Sathaye wished he could play Bhikhu Mhatre from the 1998 film Satya.

In a candid conversation with Reacho, Sathaye, when asked about one role he wished he could play, said he would love to play a dark creepy negative character since all his roles hitherto have been those of a good guy in the pursuit of truth.


How did you end up here? Give us a small recap of your career so far

I have been doing theatre for the past 14 years and have been assisting on film shoots. However, 3 years ago, I decided to focus on directing which was my true calling. I started a company called Gulbadan Talkies with two of my partners Paula and Anusha. The first ever video that we made as a portfolio piece was a dedication to everyone’s favourite Parle-G biscuits called 'Shayar kehta hai'.

It was a big hit online with lots of coverage from big tabloids. That started getting us work including projects for creating digital content for brands. The digital industry was blooming on one hand with the likes of TVF and AIB. We thought regional digital video content was the next big thing and we still believe it to be. It took us one year to create credibility in the industry. After a lot of struggle and jugaad, we produced the first episode of casting couch on our own to make a point. It was only after this that some of our friends jumped in to make it bigger.

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Who was first to recognise your talent?

As an actor most of my grooming happened with Mohit Takalkar. As a directed I learnt with many but my main support system has been my partners Paula, Anusha and Nachiket.

Which work of yours is your personal favourite?

In terms of direction my favourite work of mine so far is of course Casting Couch. Though I enjoyed writing Aaplya baapachi Society the most.

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What inspired BhaDiPa?

BhaDiPa is Paula's brain child and we all worked really hard. She is a big Youtube fan. She is the youngest of the lot so she has grown up with it. Making it what it is today came from the being unsatisfied for years by television content.

What do you plan to do in the coming 5 years?

Eventually we want to produce quality fiction content which would be at par with international TV shows like the ones we watch on HBO and netflix. We are slowly but steadily taking steps towards it.

What should we expect from Shashpa?

Shashpa TV is a big experiment. Our young guns are trying a new brand of humour. It’s a spoof of TV and might take some time to pick up. Also, Casting couch is returning soon with a bang, hopefully by the end of December. We had to take a break since we had no idea it might do so well and hence hadn’t blocked the dates for more actors.

Sarang the actor or Sarang the director? Which one is better?

I don't know if I can compare yet. Sarang the actor is 11 years older to the Sarang the director. However, I enjoy directing the most.

One role you wish you could have done

Satya - actually any part in that film. Also I would love to play a dark creepy negative character one day as I have played a good guy seeking truth all my life.

Your inspiration in art

There are lot many. Vijay Tendulkar as a writer, Monty Python for comedy, Sopranos and The Wire for TV, Van Gogh for passion towards art.

Any close friends you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank my love Paula, my partner in crime for years Nachiket Chidgopkar and my BhaDiPa partners.

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